Concentrate Vapes: What are they and How do they work?

Concentrate Vapes: What are they and How do they work?

Sep 02, 2022Ryan Mumpower
If you have found yourself in need of something more potent to smoke as well as needing a more efficient way to do it then I'm sure you have heard of vaporizers. So what is a Concentrate Vape? First thing to understand about Concentrate Vaporizers is right in the name. These devices vaporize concentrates into a smoke with as little mess as possible.

What are concentrates?

Lets take a second to talk about concentrates and how they are different from the traditional form of herb. The term " Concentrate" is the broad term referring to the different processes of hemp extraction. 
Different types of extraction include: 
  • Dry Processing 
  • Dry Ice Processing 
  • Water-base Processing
  • Combination Pressure and Heat
  • Use of Nonflammable Carbon Dioxide Solvents
  • Using Flammable Solvents Like Butane

Concentrate Vaporizers

These are high-temp devices that can either house the dab inside a chamber or be used in a dragging method, like a straw. Using a Vaporizer like the Puffco Proxy to smoke concentrates add for a smoother cleaner hit on each use. Overall using a Concentrate vape makes for an easier and less messy session while improving the potency of the product in use. 

Why is it popular?

The intense hit is the main focus of using this substance, but there are other benefits as well. Like increased flavor of the natural terpene profile of the herb used in the process. Using a Concentrate Vape gives the discretion you deserve as well as need in some cases.

Options for Vaporizers

The Lookah Seahorse 2.0 Wax pen is a simple and easy device to use for a beginner. Common use is to drag the high temp tip across the concentrate to vaporize your product. 
The G pen Micro+ Vaporizer is also a good device to use for concentrates. Instead of the dragging method this device utilizes a chamber for easy clean-up and quick enjoyment.  
The Puffco Proxy celebrates the idea of dabbing in a comfortable and stylish way. Creating an experience rather than just another tool to be used once and put down.

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